Our Expertise

Having originally trained as a linguist, for the last 14 years, Denise Clarke has specialized in helping organizations to get the most from their people by specifying what they should be able to do in their jobs - which is captured in functional performance standards (also known as competences). The vast majority of her work is published as National Occupational Standards and vocational qualifications (see our links page for more details). More recently, she has broadened her expertise into developing QCF-compliant units of assessment and associated rules of combination for her clients (see client list for further details and examples of our work.

Denise's research skills are applicable to any sector and her recent work covers a very diverse span of industries - meteorology, optical manufacturing and retailing, engineering, packaging, bomb disposal and explosives - to name a few of the more recent projects.

All her work is characterized by a systematic and logical approach to problem-solving combined with clarity and precision of expression. Having created the raw material with subject-matter experts, she draws on her knowledge of languages to develop simple, clear and easy-to-use reports, tools, guidance materials, publicity and frameworks, often translating technical jargon in existing documents into everyday English.

Further HR services from our associates

Supporting all our main areas of expertise, we have connections to networks of specialists - associates who are ideally placed to support our clients' HR services. These include trainers, occupational psychologists, consultants. Coaches and experts in assessment and development. So, if you need training on HR-related matters or you need an expert consultant in other HR areas different from our expertise, we can put you in touch with the right people to help you.

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