Mapping Competence Requirements

We have carried out many mapping projects - mapping one set of competence requirements against another. There are a number of different reasons that our clients ask us to undertake this work. For example:

  • mapping military training objectives to civilian qualifications to identify which may best be delivered to students in training, to confirm current competence and to identify sources of evidence of competence;
  • analysing fundable gaps in NVQ provision against organizational training objectives;
  • mapping career routes and relevant qualifications;
  • re-expressing organizational training objectives to meet the requirements of National Occupational Standards;
  • mapping units of existing qualifications to the emerging specification for Diplomas;
  • identifying sources of evidence from training programmes that would result in streamlined NVQ portfolios ("indices of evidence")
  • identifying gaps for which new competences need to be written.

These types of mapping exercises can be carried out for any occupation in any organization as the competences are analysed in such a way that our approach works successfully irrespective of the occupation concerned, or whether the organization is public sector, private sector, civilian or military.

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