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Delivering Performance Standards

We support the work of clients by helping organizations to get the most from their people. By creating performance standards, organizations can define what their people should be able to do and to help them improve the way they carry out their jobs.

These competences are also known as performance standards, competency frameworks, technical or functional competences. For example, managing budgets, manufacturing products or dealing with customers.

Performance standards sit at the heart of the HR cycle:

By providing objective, measurable outcomes, our specifications can be used for many HR purposes including:

  • recruitment and selection
  • training and development
  • training needs analysis
  • training design
  • recognition
  • career management
  • succession planning

We have been at the forefront of the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority's (QCA) test and trials project to develop the new Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) that is being phased in to replace the current system by January 2011. We have developed several suites of units of assessment and qualifications rules of combination that are compliant with the new QCF. These include suites of QCF units and rules of combination in Defence Engineering, Heavy Weapons, Armoured Fighting Vehicle Gunnery, Survival Equipment, Relief Operations, the Movement of Explosives, Defence Range Safety and Public Service.

As Project Manager to the FAB/JCQ QCF Readiness Project, Denise has also been closely involved in training awarding organizations to operate in the QCF including “gaining recognition”, unit writing and related research into rules of combination, credit and levelling units and disseminating new research and emerging QCF policy.

We offer four main areas of expertise:

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