Competence Related Research

All our work is characterized by a systematic and analytical approach to research, combined with clarity and precision of expression. We conduct scoping studies, skills forecasting, industry studies and occupational maps.

We have carried out studies analysing an industry's workforce composition, skills needs and employment trends in such diverse industries as meteorology, downstream petroleum, munition clearance, explosives occupations, bioscience R&D and even research itself. Following our research, we are then in a position to make objective and substantiated recommendations to help our clients meet their predicted needs.

A typical report might include such topics as:

  • the structure and strategic or economic significance of the industry
  • business drivers, political, economic, strategic and technological issues
  • trends affecting education, skills and training issues
  • the numbers employed within the industry
  • the roles of people employed within the industry
  • current education and training arrangements
  • opportunities and constraints
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